Marina & Recreational Areas


Rock Harbor Marina Complex is our private facility, and it is reserved for the SOLE use of Rock Harbor property owners. It is not for public use. You can fish off the dock and use the picnic tables. A toilet and freshwater spigot are available at the dock walkway entrance. Please observe posted marina use rules. Children 12 and under MUST wear a USCG-approved PFD when on the docks and in the water. Please be safe, keep the facility clean, and take your garbage with you when you leave since no trash service is available in the marina complex. Boat slips, jet ski lifts, kayak/canoe racks, and trailer storage are available but must be approved and registered with the Property Manager before placing them in the marina complex. Please realize the safest, most enjoyable use of our unique marina facility is built on owners’ respect for each other and responsibly complying with agreements they make. In fact, we rely on it.

Please observe the parking rules. Park in the designated parking lot (upper deck). The lower area is used for loading and unloading only (drop zone).

The Marina Use Agreement is available above. Members can utilize the Marina Facility after completing the following:

  • Executing the Marina Use Agreement for their boat/jet ski/kayak/canoe
  • Providing an insurance declaration page showing a minimum of $300k of liability insurance for motorized vessels
  • Being current on all Association Dues

The Property Manager will review these submittals and assign you a Slip. You will then be billed the appropriate Slip Fee onto your account.

Marina Layout

IMPORTANT: You will be required to input a code to enter the Marina Parking Lot and the Recreation Area. If you do not have a gate code, please contact the Property Manager.

Recreational Areas

Rock Harbor has a beautiful recreation area that includes a pavilion, two grills, a putting green, a basketball court, and a playground. All lot owners and their guests are welcome to use the recreation area. Please observe the posted recreation rules. There is no trash service at the recreation area, so you must take your trash with you.

The pavilion may be reserved in advance for social functions for a nominal fee. If you would like to reserve the pavilion, please complete the Pavilion Rental Form below and submit it to the Property Manager.


Rock Harbor has several recreational facilities and common areas that are intended to be used and enjoyed only by Rock Harbor owners and their guests. Pursuant to the Declaration of Reservations and Restrictive Covenants, these facilities and areas are for the exclusive use of the Property Owners Association (the Association), property owners and their guests. Additionally, while the Covenants provide that the common areas and facilities, like the boat docks/marina and playground/park, will be maintained by the Association, these common areas and facilities are to be used at your own risk. For example, there

Safety & Security

Rock Harbor community relies on Sheriff Patrols, the Neighborhood Watch concept, surveillance systems, and controlled access gating to deter crime and to make the community safer.

Anyone observing hunting in the neighborhood should report this activity to our local game warden, Michael Cavins at (865) 318-3349. Thanks to your vigilance, we have had numerous arrests for hunting in Rock Harbor.

Safety and security issues go to Claiborne County Sheriff’s office, dial 911. This can be used for emergency and non-emergency calls. For tracking purposes, please notify the Property Manager to report this event. It provides a tracking mechanism to see trends, and we can work with the local sheriff’s office and request increased patrols.

For medical emergencies, call 911. If you experience a medical emergency at our marina and have a boat, you may be directed to meet them at Cedar Grove Marina.

Video surveillance has been installed at the marina and both entrances.

Electric gates operated with a keypad have been installed at the marina and the recreation area. Lot owners have been notified of the gate codes. If you do not have the gate codes, please contact the Property Manager. The gates will remain closed at all times and gate codes must be used to enter the marina or recreational area. Gates will open automatically when exiting.