Building in Rock Harbor

Owners and contractors must read and be familiar with our Restrictive Covenants and Building Standards before beginning any improvements or building/remodeling projects.

In addition, the Rock Harbor restrictive covenants require Architectural Control Committee (ACC) approval before you commence building, remodeling, or any improvement project. This includes new home construction, home additions/remodeling, clearing of lots, etc. The documents below will help you navigate the planning and approval process. Please plan ahead.

All documents must be submitted through the Property Manager.

Required Form/Documents

ACC ChecklistThis is a checklist for the lot owner to use to identify what is needed for preliminary and or final approvals.Download
Building StandardsThis document is a checklist for approvals. It summarizes information from the restrictive covenants that apply to construction. This must be submitted prior to final approvals.Download
Construction DisclaimerThis is to be completed by your builder, acknowledging the builders understanding of construction. requirements.Download